mission statement

Universal Business Academy Regional Charter School’s (UBA Regional Charter School) mission is to empower the next generation of young children at the middle school grade levels 6-8, by equipping them with 21st century skills and learning experiences they need to be college and career ready, as well as encourage students to become entrepreneurs and leaders in global business.

Thematically, the UBA Regional Charter School program educates and exposes students to various areas of business and entrepreneurship by incorporating subject matter related content across the curriculum in all core and elective subject areas. UBA Regional Charter School also fosters an academic environment modeled on 21st century businesses and entrepreneurship and taught by working professionals.

By way of analogy, UBA Regional Charter School seeks to function similar to that of a preparatory business school, where the academic learning experience is primarily driven by inquiry-based instructional methods, such as performance-based learning, problem-based learning, and learning by design.

UBA Regional Charter School’s educational program uses grounded and driven inquiry-based collaborative learning approaches to enhance students’ critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills, and hone their ability to think creatively, adventurously, collaboratively and independently, without fear of failure or criticism.