lottery policy

The UBA Regional Charter School has established the following policy regarding student admissions:

  • On a pre-determined day in January, a public lottery will be held to determine admission to the school for siblings of enrolled students, Englewood residents and out-of-district residents.

  • During a given academic year (September – June) or during the summer months (July – August) prior to the start of that academic year, when a space becomes available, the wait lists established at the lottery will be used to determine admission to the school. If a family, for whatever reason, chooses not to accept the space, they will be withdrawn from the wait list.

  • All applications received prior to the established cut-off date will be eligible for participation in the admission lottery. At the lottery, only new spaces will be lotteried.

  • Applications received after the lottery will be held in a reserve pool. A reserve pool will be established for each of the four wait lists.

  • The following list outlines the priority order for admission with regard to wait lists and the reserve pool:

  • The Englewood Resident Sibling Wait list

  • The Out-of-District Sibling Wait list

  • The Englewood Resident Wait list

  • The Out-of-District Wait list