lottery process

  • All applications received prior to the established cut-off date will be eligible for participation in the admission lottery.

  • Prior to the lottery, applicants will be assigned numbers. Families who have more than one child seeking admission to the school will be given one family number.

  • Spaces available in any grade will be filled from the Sibling wait lists before students on the Englewood and out-of-district wait lists are offered spaces.

  • Each lottery card will be placed in a sealed plastic bag with a label with the appropriate lottery number. When pulled, these labels will be posted on the appropriate grade level lists.

  • Prior to the assignment of open spaces in any classes, all numbers will be pulled from a common hopper and rank orderings for siblings (Englewood and out-of-district residents), Englewood residents and out-of-district residents will be established. Spaces will be assigned starting with 6th Grade and will then move up through the remaining grades once added.

  • These rank orderings will be used to assign students to available spaces in classes or, if there are no available spaces, to the respective wait list in the order that the number was pulled from the hopper.

  • In the case where two or more siblings (with no siblings enrolled in the school) are applying for admission, and one sibling is admitted to a class, the placeholder card on the master-ranking list for the other sibling(s) will be marked “sibling” only once their admitted sibling completes their first day of school at UBA Regional Charter School.

  • Families who are admitted will be sent letters of intent. Families will have two weeks from the date of the January lottery to return their letters of intent. Families who do not return the letter of intent by the end of this two-week period will be dropped from the school’s rolls and the space will be filled from one of the four standing wait lists.

  • In the case where a space becomes available during the academic year (September – June) or during the summer months (July – August) prior to the start of that academic year, the space (following the priority ranking listed above) should go to an individual in one of the reserve pools.