educational overview

UBA Regional Charter School is committed to providing its anticipated diverse low-income student body with a rigorous and empowering academic program. The ultimate goal of the UBA Regional Charter School curriculum is to challenge the students to sharpen and apply their critical thinking skills to solve real-world problems, as well as motivate students to pursue entrepreneurship and aspire to be future stewards of the global businesses community in the 21st century.

All curriculums will be formatted to align Common Core State Standards; and the business and entrepreneurship focus will span across the entire curriculum. To simulate a preparatory business school environment

UBA Regional Charter School teachers will apply a heavy emphasis on inquiry-based collaborative learning instructional techniques for delivery of instruction.

UBA Regional Charter School will seize opportunities to leverage technology throughout its operation and delivery of instruction. Tablets, interactive readers or computers and/or laptops will be pursued for each student, so long as grant or privately raised monies are secured. UBA Regional Charter School will explore digital textbooks and open-source materials to reduce textbook costs and expose students to contemporary and culturally relevant educational materials pertinent to the core academic areas, as well as business and entrepreneurship.