community and
parent involvement

UBA Regional Charter School founders also believe it was their duty to recruit the input and support from the local community. In developing the charter, UBA Regional Charter School reached out to the local community and conducted several town hall meetings with community members, philanthropists, business professionals and government leaders to elicit feedback on our mission. UBA Regional Charter School will also seek out an appropriate parent representative to become a valued member of the board.

Our Board envisions UBA Regional Charter School to serve as the nucleus of a vibrant educational community that includes students, staff, families and the larger community. To ensure regular communication between the Board, school and all parents, UBA Regional Charter School will communicate the school’s progress to parents, students, staff and the community by:

  • Reporting on school progress during monthly and end-of-year board meetings.
  • Making available accountability progress reports and annual reports.
  • Administering parent satisfaction surveys and using key findings to evaluate school programs/procedures and make necessary changes.
  • Holding semi-annual “state of the school” informational meetings.
  • Disseminating information about the school through mailings.
  • Facilitating regular parent teacher conferences and open houses.
  • Hosting student theme fairs, such as science and civic/social justice project fairs for parents.
  • Organizing parent and community social gatherings centered on showcasing the school.
  • Extending public invitations to board meetings.